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Azreal Llywen
17 February 2012 @ 11:06 pm

Wow long time no blog. 0_o This makes the second blog entry of the year and first for February. So what’s new? I finally finished my clerkship and I’m all cleared for graduation. I’m just waiting for the paper work to be done. I’m quite glad about that but board review hasn’t sunk in on me yet. Yes I know that’s a dangerous type of procrastination if ever I do want to be licensed. I really need to get of my ass huh? Anyway I’m having a not-so-good February so far so to take out the gloom and doom for a while, I’ll recap my 2nd half of duty places and recall all the fun times.

My third duty venue was at the horse race tracks in San Lazaro Leisure Park in Carmona, Cavite. I love horses so I enjoyed my time there. The downside is the travel because I didn’t rent any nearby place and had to drive 2 hours every day. But it was really nice seeing and taking care of all those fancy horses and seeing them win in victory during the race itself. I did encounter quite a few troubles along the way as well. First my money was stolen when I accidentally forgot it in my bag when I went to work. I later found out a nasty stable boy with a bad work streak took it. He was already fired but he got away with my money (and my group mate too) still. Also our vet proctor happened to be in a nasty mood a certain day at the same time caught one of our fellow interns cutting work. Needless to say that interned failed in that venue but the bummer side is the vet took his frustrations on us too and made us stay longer than usual. Lastly I didn’t get to ride any horses because the one assigned for me to ride got injured in the last minute. Other than that I really learned a lot about horses and the racing industry and I really want to try my hand out on that field someday. Hopefully I get a chance like that again.

Profile of the horse "One More Sweet Kiss"

The Horse: Brite Olympian

Nasal endoscopy

Leg X-ray

Shoe changing

Brite Olympian being groomed

One More Sweet Kiss being groomed (I like her expression XD)

One More Sweet Kiss sleeping

IV Fluids

My speed paint of One More Sweet Kiss

Last venue assigned was good ol’ Manila zoo. Of course I’m pretty familiar with the routine there having to volunteer for a couple of years now. Nothing much changed except it was renovated pretty nicely. As usual after feeding the animals, it gets boring from unless there was an emergency or an animal died and we had to necropsy it. Nothing really exciting happened except the zoo was bombarded with the tapping of a local drama series called “Daldalita”. I considered it more of a drag really because we couldn’t move freely as assistant zookeepers and people keep crowding over celebrities. The most exciting part that happened is when I went in for my make-up for an absent. I was alone there and was supposed to tour lover around the zoo when they decided to sterilize and move all the monkeys. I had to help move those freaking monkeys and castrate 10 of them. I do like surgery but (as you can tell) I don’t like monkeys very much. Plus my quality time with lover was quite halted because of that. Too bad I had no pictures of that because my hands were quite full.

At bird photo booth

Sleeping Cockatoo

Naughty parot tore my scrub shirt! >_<

Sweet Sun Conures

Paranoid iguana lolz

Annoyed gibbon cuz he was given a bath. XD

Burmese python with abcess

Sick python with groupmates

So pretty much that is what’s been happening to me. Been in school after that for a while and I finished my graduation form. All I have to do is wait for final clearance and pay my dues (literally) and all that formality crap. For now I’ve been catching up on my reading both leisure and academic. I’m really hooked with this new manga called “Magi”. It’s such a wonderful re-telling of Arabian Nights. Now I am considering cosplay again. I already ordered and made some stuff for my Judal plan. Oh yes I’m a dude this time. XD With that I’m becoming a gym buff again because a lot of people are telling me I’m a fat ass and those muscles won’t build themselves. Man I really gotta study. I hope I stop procrastinating already. ^_^’ till next time!

Woohoo! Judal from Magi Labyrinth of Magic. Gonna be macho (flamboyant?) manly yo!

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Azreal Llywen
02 January 2012 @ 12:18 am
Before anything else, I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! There's really not much to say and I don't really need to share my resolutions because I only want to be better this year than the last. More of a resolution I would rather mention my wishes. 

1. To pass the board exam and be a licensed veterinarian.
2. To marry/live-in with lover.

I want them so bad and I plan to make them come true even if it kills me! Well almost. Ummm...I really have very little to say right now except I just plan to throw caution to the wind and bleed to fly. I just want to defeat my old self and by real this year so even if it is true the the world will end I'll try smiling. 

Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends

Well I'm too lazy right now to upload stuff and I don't really have new or interesting pictures lately other what I just posted. So here's a recap for this blog challenge HERE. I don't really like to be redundant and I figure the author of this blog challenge was getting lazy as well. Either way I'm also determined to finish this blog challenge so there!

Work/classes are gonna resume in a day so wish me luck in my next destination, Manila Jockey Club. Let the race begin!
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Azreal Llywen
26 December 2011 @ 11:51 pm
Wow it's been awhile since I blogged. 0_0 Well, to make an excuse I've been really busy with my outbound internship and surprisingly it felt really good to be back in the field again even if it's large animal practice. (which isn't my forte) So far, I've been assigned to two venues which are Angeles City Vet. Office and Phil. Carabao Center in Nueva Ecija. It will take me forever to write every detail of it and that would be very tedious on my part and boring on yours. So I'll just make a brief summary of my experiences.

In Angeles City Vet. office, my group was assigned to two things; to conduct medical missions around town during the day and learn meat inspection at the slaughter house during graveyard shift. Angeles duty was pretty bitter-sweet for me. It left bitter moments because we seemed to get conned and ripped-off a lot on our commodities such as shelter and transportation which made me feel incredibly gullible and stupid. Other than that the experience was great. We were exposed to challenging filed work like vaccination or animal herds like pigs, cows, goats etc. The staff were very nice with us too and tried to help us out especially when they learned how easily tricked we are. T_T But I must say the part I enjoyed the most in Angeles was the FOOD. Kapampangans sure are great cooks and everything was really tasty. I was supposed to write a food review on great eating spots of Angeles during our stay but I got lazy so that's a loss. What I will say is their sisig and chicharon bulaklak were to die for!

Our grand Tali Beach boodle feast care of SEAFOOD ISLAND. One of the many yummy treats to die for in Marquee Mall Angeles.

"I am your father!" said the goat to the puppies. XD Vaccinating backyard farms and such.

Kuni wearing the "medal of honor" bestowed to us by the Angeles City Vet OIC. 

Fine it's just a registration tag...but thanks anyway!

 Next is we were assigned at Central Luzon State Univ.'s (CLSU) Phil. Carabao Center (PCC). And as you've guessed, we took care of carabaos. It was basically a dairy farm and a lab dedicated to all things carabao especially the gene pool. We focused more on the management side while our partner group were assigned on lab work. Well there really isn't much to tell rather than there was a lot of milking and chore work involved. Also the dairy products there are the best I've tasted so far. Even though work there was kind of routine, I must say I saw the potential of carabao dairy and now considering going in that business in the future. Another highlight even there was CLSU's Christmas party and lantern parade. It was fun seeing that and looking at the students enjoy themselves on the up coming holidays. The booze wasn't too bad as well though I would reiterate I HATE KARAOKE! 

Giving milk to calves. One of the daily chores performed by my groupmate.

Look at that face!

What I've been looking at everyday for the past two weeks.

New born calf we've been raising.

Twin goats!

And a couple of chicken heads.

I was jealous of my group mate because I also wanted to drive the bulldozer. T_T

Dancers at the lantern parade.

CLSU's Vet Med float. Gotta cheer for your own.

Holidays are here now and I would like to wish everyone a happy one. I'm having my break and stuffing myself that is why I currently feel I'm one with the cow herd. The only thing I regret is that I've been slow on the art side and that is to be expected. I hope I get my groove back on cosplay and art and literature. All good things have to wait. Right now I'm laser focused on my future career. And did I mention my current obsession with makeup? Oh well! Happy Holidays again everyone, and I hope y'all are doing fine. Condolence to those who suffered with the typhoon and what-not by the way. Hope you guys see your rainbow after the storm soon. =)

Kitty in her not-so-cheerful Christmas get up.

She did a little better without the hat.

But she would rather be in a bowl looking/waiting at us to finish all the cooking.

Lover's cute dogie which I wanted to kidnap. XD

Me wearing the prize I won at Loki's Costume Shop during Halloween. Check out her store you might want something made. 'Till next time folks!
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Azreal Llywen
20 October 2011 @ 11:36 pm
Just a few more days before I get back to school. I'm really worried about it...My vertigo has died down a bit but I'm afraid of relapsing and not being able to cope. Still I try to be positive. I just enrolled a while ago by the way. I hope everything goes well. More importantly I hope everything gets better somehow.

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

- Can't Nobody = 2NE1
- Weeeeek = NEWS
- WILD = Namie Amuro

- Ware Yami Tote = Dir en Grey
- Higeki Wa Me Futa Wo Oroshita Yasashiki = Dir en Grey
- Undecided = Dir en Grey

- Precious = Meg
- Vocaloid songs
- Trust Me = Yuuya Matsushita

- Get Free = The Vines
- Sensou Suru Nara Yumi, Yari, Ken Da Tatakae! = Yasushi Ishii
- Shunkan Sentimental = SCANDAL

- ZAN = Dir en Grey
- Hurt = Nine Inch Nails
- Saku = Dir en Grey

Here are some more photo manipulations I made since I got engrossed on the whole horror thing. Especially since American Horror Story and Walking Dead season 2 aired I got more horror-fied more than every. Enjoy the scares! I hope I LIVE. ^_^

Let's Take A Walk
by ~Highwaystarr on deviantART

Not Full
by ~Highwaystarr on deviantART

Portrait of Lucy
by ~Highwaystarr on deviantART
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Azreal Llywen
14 October 2011 @ 05:30 pm
Wow it's really been a while since I last blogged. Sadly the reason for that is not because I'm busy but nothing has been happening in my life up to date really. Plus I've been sick with labyrinthitis and vertigo has come at me with a vengeance leaving me crippled for about a week. It was soooo bad I had to cancel my trips I'm supposed to go just to recuperate. Now that's sad. Anywhoo here's a continuation of the blogger challenge before anything else. I'm not really enthralled with these things I'm proud of but I guess they will have to do.

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

1. I actually finished a refresher driving course and I'm surprised I still know how to drive. But  I still suck at it and almost hit lover's car once again. Oh well.

2. Finished Alice: Madness Returns game on the pc and even did a review about it on this gaming blog I'm in. (http://www.back2gaming.com/reviews/alice-madness-returns-review/#more-4871)

3. Didn't really get an awesome cosplay photo lately and although I cosplayed my Ignis Cerberus again and an Erza Robe of Yuen from Fairy Tail there's no exceptional pictures. But what I am proud of is this little Halloween tribute I did for a certain photo contest. I hope it scares you.

Average Psycho
by ~Highwaystarr on deviantART

Pixie Dark
by ~Highwaystarr on deviantART

4. I have TONS of pending art I need to finish but this is the only thing I managed to concoct due to my stupid vertigo. >_<

Patisserie Judai Yuki
by ~Highwaystarr on deviantART

5. Also got a tattoo finally made by my best friend as a present for me! This is a test piece so it's small and I love it very much. I hope to have more done soon.

Funtom Cat
by ~Highwaystarr on deviantART

Also I'm not really proud with this doodle but love makes you do strange things. XD

Mr. Flexo Meme
by ~Highwaystarr on deviantART

Well there you have it! The so-called things I'm proud of recently. For the record the zombie pics were inspired by the recent novel I read of Stephen King, "The Cell". It is such an awesome novel with a good twist on a zombie apocalypse. Also another thing I'm crazy about is Dir en Grey's new album "Dum Spiro Spero" which means "while I breathe, I hope. It is very appropriate for the times and I can't stop listening to it. 

Anyway that's all I have to share for now. My semi-bum mode is almost at an end since my outbound internship is just around the corner. I'm really nervous about that especially with my wild case of motion sickness. @_@ I hope I can finish my artworks before that and get a few more good pictures by then. Also please check out my Tumblr and Facebook account if you really want to see other pictures and my new boom which is postsecret. Till next time folks!
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Azreal Llywen
02 August 2011 @ 03:02 pm
I really do feel older lately and my life has become more and more boring. I can pretty much say this is the most boring and uneventful birthday I've had so far. Well I'm quite thankful nothing bad happened to me. All I did was run errands and there. Well at least I helped fix lover's car. At this point I really should have more determination and initiative to do the things I want. I guess feeling older and dreading to leave a child-like heart is getting to me and is leaving me stuck with the pathetic excuse. I hope I get to shake things up real soon. Made another list of things I want to achieve as per the blogger challenge require. Now I really must learn to work hard again to be able to achieve this. Procrastination leave me be. @_@

 Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

1. Get an awesome cosplay photo.
2. Review properly for board exams.
3. Make money. (hefty amount)
4. Lose 3-5 Kg.
5. Finish a simple surgery by myself.
6. Learn how to drive again.
7. Finish a drawing/painting. 
8. Finish a short story/article.
9. Go to Anvaya with Lover and friends.
10. Finish this blog challenge.

Also a wishlist as every year! I don't really want people to give me the things I want. (Though I wouldn't refuse either if someone actually gives me.) But it will be a reminder that I will work hard to get these things eventually. It's a little late but oh well. ^_^

Bonus Wishlist:

1. A brand new Tarot deck. (my old one is ready to retire)
2. Cosplay costumes.
3. Majolica Majorca & Tony Moly cosmetics and skin care (damn why am I addicted to this stuff?!)
4. Veterinarian licence (I hope I get mine next year)
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Azreal Llywen
26 July 2011 @ 10:29 pm
Ok so the internet connection as well as LJ itself was quite buggy and hard to post things. Nothing exciting has happened really. The only thing that makes me really happy lately is lover is able to visit me more often because of his new work schedule. I got the price from Majolica Majorca but it was the set I didn't like the most. But hey, free (expensive) stuff is free so can't really complain. At least from now on I would wear perfume again since that's what I won. I really need to inspire myself more so I can do more nice things despite being incredibly bored with my life. >_< Anyway blog challenge time!

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

This is probably one of my most favorite pictures in my whole life. It's a decent couple pic of me and lover doing something really fun for us which is cosplaying. It might look silly and weird but I'm proud of us that we are a loving, silly and weird kind of couple and I wouldn't have it any other way. Right now lover has the most impact in my life because he is the person I love the most and will always will.

Next I put a picture of a pentacle because it is a sign of my faith. I consider myself a firm believer of Wicca or Neo-paganism and try to uphold it in my own personal way. I believe nature is the real manifestation of divinity and represents who is truly above us. That is why I always turn to nature for spiritual guidance.
Well enough mopey stuff. Here is something I drew with too much brain-dead-ness. (?) It's a fan comic of my personal love story. Hope you like it. ;p
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Azreal Llywen
22 July 2011 @ 05:35 pm
Sadly I am still sick. (Big surprise *sarcasm*) I'm mostly stuck and home and penniless and I don't like it. @_@ I'm quite nervous since Fantasy Quest cosplay event is tomorrow and I'm still not sure if lover and I can go due to health issues. I'm still quite hopeful. Anyway a good thing happen at least. I won at a local raffle promo from Majolica Majorca yey! Free expensive make up for me so I'm happy about that. I truly hope I can cosplay tomorrow I miss it badly. Well good luck and I hope I see my sunshine after the rain. Here's some blog challenge for you.

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why.


My fave super hero is BATMAN for a fact he's not really even "super" at all. He doesn't have any inhuman powers unlike his major DC hero allies. He is sometimes considered a vigilante which adds to his cool points for me because I like the idea of defying authority. He has an awful past, he owns tons of money and worked his ass off to be a powerhouse crime-fighter and industry mogul. What more could you ask for? Plus he has this celebrity habit of adopting children and turning them into high class heroes as well. Now I think I know where Brangelina got that idea. In conclusion Batman is bad-ass and I admire him as a super hero.
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Azreal Llywen
19 July 2011 @ 11:02 pm
Been out of blogging for a few days cuz I suddenly got sick . Went to Anvaya Cove and Subic for some needed R&R sadly after that I really got sick since yesterday. I've bombarded myself with antibiotics now so I think I should be fine. Got my new wig and repaired Ignis Cerberus costume also but the costume is still a little gaudy and still need some repairs. @_@ Anyway I should go recover more. Here's the new challenge.

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.


Hong Kong Ocean Park


Venetian Macau

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Tayabas, Quezon Province

Picture 006

Anvaya Cove Bataan

Cats the Musical at CCP (Hey I couldn't take pictures inside the play so make do with this haha)

Till next challenge!
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Azreal Llywen
16 July 2011 @ 11:51 pm
Today was a very fun day! It's Saturday so that means date day with Flexo. XD We finally got to see the last Harry Potter film after a long line of course. It was sort of worth it since Harry Potter (at least for lover and I) isn't just a film series for us; it's already a tradition. It's like you have to watch it to the end because you already started it even though lover and I really aren't big Potter fans and haven't finished a single book. To sum the movie up without spoilers; yes the ending is satisfying, yes I think it pretty much followed the book from some of the bits I read, yes it wasn't as boring as the previous ones. So there that's my opinion of it. 

The rest was the usual happy dates with lots of food and love. Got my repaired Ignis Cerberus costume too and it actually fits better. Sadly some of the paint of the accessories ripped off and I have no idea how to fix it  for now. >_< Enough daily report onto the next blogger challenge!

 Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

My current habit I'm incredibly annoyed with is stress eating. It shows my lack of discipline and will power and simple makes me look fat and ugly. That isn't good for anybody at all. @_@ Another habit which is equally bothersome for me is procrastination. It's funny because procrastination equals to stress eating for not accomplishing something and vice-versa. So yeah, those two evils go together in my book.
I just need to fight it out by envisioning the rewards I get if I am more determined but I have yet to conquer this vicious cycle once and for all. @_@
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